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Reduce cough, congestion and reflux for your little ones.

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"My son went to bed and couldn't stop coughing. We propped him up on the Crib Wedge and within minutes he stopped coughing and slept peacefully the remainder of the night. If felt like an absolute miracle!!"

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Why Kribelevate?

As parents, we know that colds will quickly become a common reality in our households. Seeking a healthier alternative to the frequent use of medications, we embarked on a journey to find a more natural way to comfort our little ones during these times.

Through extensive research, we discovered the benefits of elevating a crib to a pediatrician-recommended angle to facilitate fluid drainage from the head and torso, thus alleviating cough and congestion during sleep. Inspired by this insight and our own experiences with various makeshift solutions, we designed Kribelevate- a custom wedge that fits snugly under the crib mattress, raising the crib to an ideal angle as recommended by pediatricians. This not only promotes a more peaceful night's sleep for your little one but also offers you the peace of mind you deserve.

Proudly crafted in Canada, our wedge is made from the highest quality 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, ensuring your baby sleeps on nothing but the best. But that's not all – our wedge is designed to grow with your child, providing lasting benefits well into their toddler years.

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Our Promise

The perfect incline. Every time.

We optimized the wedge's angle to prevent your little one from rolling, while ensuring effective fluid drainage away from their head and torso. This is why the wedge takes up the majority of the crib surface and is designed at crib width, ensuring your baby always enjoys the ideal incline, no matter their position.

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We are committed to using only the purest organic materials. Our products are made from natural fabrics that are free from harmful chemicals and are safe and gentle on your little ones skin.

Ethical & Sustainable

We believe in supporting ethical manufacturing practices and advocate for social responsibility. This is why we partner with manufacturers that treat their workers with fairness and respect.

Family Owned

Thoughtfully and intentionally designed and made in Canada, each piece is crafted as if for our own family. Our dedication to quality ensures you receive nothing short of extraordinary.

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Available in 2 sizes

Bassinet Wedge

Boost your baby's sleep during colds with our Bassinet Wedge, designed for immediate relief from congestion, coughs, reflux, and spit-ups in the pivotal initial months of life.

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