Our Story

Welcome to a world where the heart of everything we do is family ❤️. Our journey, like many parents, has been filled with the beautiful chaos of raising three remarkable children. Along the way, we've faced challenges that tested us but also ignited our spirit of innovation and entrepreneurship. One challenge stands out: dealing with the frequent colds that disrupted our children's—and our own—sleep 😴, a struggle familiar to families everywhere.

In pursuit of a healthier alternative to meds, we embarked on a journey to find a more natural comfort for our little ones during these times. Advised by our trusted pediatrician, we discovered the benefits of elevating the crib to ease congestion and cough 🛌. This technique proved to significantly enhance sleep quality by easing breathing, reducing acid reflux, aiding fluid drainage, and overall comfort.

Initially, we used what was at hand—books, blankets, towels—to achieve this elevation. These efforts led to noticeable improvements, reducing coughing and congestion. However, the drawbacks of these makeshift solutions soon became clear. They were unstable, required constant adjustments, and fell short of a safe, reliable solution. This sparked our journey to create Kribelevate.

Through detailed research, design, and testing, we ensured every aspect of our wedges was perfected. We chose premium organic materials for safety and sustainability 🌿. Aimed at the optimal incline recommended by pediatricians, our design ensures safe and effective sleep for your child.

Proudly crafted in Canada 🇨🇦, our mission is clear: to provide a secure, eco-friendly solution that significantly improves infant and toddler sleep. This commitment to excellence, sustainability, and family well-being inspires us to create products that genuinely enhance lives.

Kribelevate is more than a product; it's a reflection of our values, a passion for nurturing families, and promoting effective parenting solutions. We're here to make a positive impact on families seeking better sleep solutions for their children.

Kribelevate is a testament to moving from temporary fixes to lasting, supportive solutions. It's designed to grow with your family, ensuring high-quality sleep from infancy onwards. Join us in making life simpler, one peaceful night at a time.