Elevating Bedtime: Our Wedge's Commitment to Safe & Comfy Sleep

Elevating Bedtime: Our Wedge's Commitment to Safe & Comfy Sleep

Hey there, lovely parents! On your quest for better baby sleep, you’re probably juggling a lot of advice. Let’s talk about how our Crib Wedge not only promises better zzz's for your little one but does so while ticking all the boxes for a safe sleep environment.

The Under-Mattress Solution 🌙

Our innovative Crib Wedge fits under the mattress, upholding the pediatricians’ advice for a firm, flat sleep surface. This approach offers a gentle incline, ideal for easing sleep disturbances like congestion, cough and reflux, all while ensuring the mattress remains stable and uniform. Plus, designed to match the full width of the crib, it leaves no gaps for peace of mind.

Crafting the Safe Sleep Zone 🛡️

Creating a safe sleep environment is at the heart of what we do. Here's how our Crib Wedge aligns with the safest sleep practices:

  • Firm, Flat Foundation: With the wedge beneath it, the mattress stays firm and flat, just as recommended.
  • Snug Fit, No Gaps: Our wedge's width ensures a snug mattress fit, eliminating gaps between the mattress and crib sides where little hands and feet could wander.
  • Clutter-Free Comfort: Emphasizing safety, we advocate for a crib free of loose, soft items like blankets, pillows, bumper pads, and toys. Our solution keeps the area around your baby clear, focusing solely on secure, elevated comfort.

The Perfect Incline 🔍

After thorough testing, we landed on a 7-degree incline as the optimal angle for comfort and safety, slightly less than the maximum recommended 10 degrees. This meticulous design ensures effectiveness without compromising safety, providing a subtle lift for better sleep.

Our Family Promise 💕

We understand the delicate balance between ensuring your baby's comfort and following safe sleep guidelines. As parents ourselves, we've faced the late-night worries and endless searches for solutions that are both safe and effective. That's why we created our Crib Wedge: to offer you a way to improve your baby's sleep environment with integrity and care.

Our Crib Wedge isn't just about better sleep; it's about providing a safer, more peaceful night for both you and your little one. Here's to restful nights and joy-filled days, knowing your baby's sleep space is as safe as it is comfortable, thanks to a little lift and a lot of love. 👶💤