Kribelevate vs. Makeshift Solutions

Frankly, we must give credit where credit's due—to the makeshift solutions that were the catalyst for our journey. Without the creativity and challenges posed by using books, blankets, and towels to elevate our children's cribs, the inspiration for a more sophisticated, reliable solution—Kribelevate—might never have sparked.

Reflecting on how we arrived here, our story begins with a common yet challenging problem as parents to three young children: their frequent colds. In search of a non-medicinal approach, we followed our pediatricians' advice to elevate the crib, a strategy that remarkably improved their sleep by aiding fluid drainage from the head and torso.

Our early attempts were creative yet imperfect. Books borrowed from shelves became impromptu crib risers—until our toddler wondered about their missing storytime. Pillows, too, fell short, failing to provide the correct angle or stability, leading to a lopsided mattress. Towels and blankets followed, their arrangement an exercise in futility, never quite achieving the desired incline or staying in place, often ending up as playthings instead. These frustrations fueled our resolve to craft a reliable, effortless solution: Kribelevate was born.

Kribelevate eliminates the guesswork of crib elevation. Simply place the wedge under the mattress for the perfect incline every time, designed to ease reflux, minimize spit-up, and improve digestion. It's the essential addition to every family's home, valuable through multiple childhoods.

The Advantages of Kribelevate Over Makeshift Solutions:

  • Delivers the ideal incline every time
  • Ensures a flat, stable sleeping surface
  • Matches crib width for a snug fit, leaving no excess material
  • Saves precious time, removing the need for manual setup with each use
  • A long-term investment for your family's comfort and well-being

Kribelevate stands as a testament to innovation born from necessity, transforming nightly challenges into restful solutions for both parents and children alike.